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About Us

Burbage Festival (AKA "BCAF")'s mission is to bring a wide range of arts and entertainment to the village, to suit a range of ages and tastes.  We are now in our third decade!  It has grown to be a regular and major event in the Burbage calendar.  We can't promise to please all the people all the time, but we do our very best to please all the people most of the time!

By a process that none of us really understand, a group of enthusiastic Burbage locals convene each November into what might very loosely be called "a committee." We then spend the next six months selecting, planning, publicising and finally running a festival which now runs to almost two weeks of music, drama, comedy, theatre, dance, more music, and the arts that is Burbage Festival.

An image of the 2021 Burbage Festival committee

"We" (that is, the committee) comprise some, all, and occasionally more of: Andrew, David, Deirdre, Emma, Jane, Julia, Paul,  Laurence, Michelle, Nic, Pete, Rolf, Sandra, Sara, Tom  and others.  These folk can often be seen at The Burbage Farmers' Market, foisting leaflets on the hapless shoppers of Burbage, or on the night of any of the events, recognisable for wearing their BCAF tee-shirts and worried/happy expressions (depending on how the evening is going!)

BCAF is run by unpaid volunteers, and seeks to make neither profit nor loss.  The Festival is funded in part by entrance fees (though some events are even free), and by the generous sponsorship of a number of local organisations and businesses.

So whether you are interested in music (many kinds), Cinema, Story-telling, Dance, Comedy nights, various arts and crafts, we have something for you.

Want to have a say in BCAF2024 Then just tell us.

Want to have a bigger hand in helping to organise it? Then join us!

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