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Wed, 17 May


St Catherine's Church

2023 Theatre: Old Herbaceous

One man play of tales from the potting shed

2023 Theatre: Old Herbaceous
2023 Theatre: Old Herbaceous


17 May 2023, 19:00

St Catherine's Church, 1 Hinckley Rd, Burbage, Hinckley LE10 2AF, UK


Pottering amongst the seeds and cuttings at the back of his ramshackle greenhouse in the garden of a Gloucstershire manor house is Herbert Pinnegar. Now in his twilight years, he’s full of memories and tales of a bygone era. In between potting up and potting on, he recounts his journey from orphan boy to legendary head gardener ‘Old Herbaceous’ and tells of his friendship with the lady of the house, Mrs Charteris.

Sown with seeds of gardening wisdom, this charming one man show is a love story – a humorous and touching portrayal of a single-minded yet gentle man with a passion for plants.

Peter recalls his memories of gardening from his childhood growing up in Leicestershire:

“My first garden memories go back to my childhood home in Leicestershire; rectangular walled gardens back and front with traditional lawn and border layouts. The sixties fashion for heathers, small conifers, and island beds had not escaped my father’s notice. He was a Percy Thrower man complete with a tweed jacket and pipe. We also had a gardener, James, who came to help on Saturday mornings. A ruddy-faced man with a hearty laugh, he was always very patient with my games involving canes and flower pots... Like the young Bert Pinnegar 'watching the judges… knowing all there was to know about flowers and vegetables', I watched as Mr James unearthed the dahlia tubers for spring replanting an my father set about the art of rose pruning."

Performed by Peter Macqueen

"Macqueen brings an enchanting mix of good humour and pathos to the role." Whitehaven News

"Macqueen throws a warming comfort blanket round his audiance with his touching and gentle portrayal of a veteran gardenr, Herbert Pinnegar." Keswick Reminder

This event is suitable for adults and older children.

There is a bar.


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