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Upcoming Events

Here We Go!

Our 2024 program is here. SCROLL DOWN for music, drama, comedy, films, crafts and much more!

Click on any of the blue events below for details...

                 sold out in four minutes, this year!

                  Now sold Out. How about The Hunch? 

Tickets on sale now and selling fast! Seven events SOLD OUT already - more will follow

While there is no single, collective "Burbage Live!" evening of live music in all of your favourite Burbage Pubs on the one night, we are pleased to be able to promote:

SCAMMER ALERT - if anyone you don't know offers you tickets for any of our events via social media, they MIGHT BE A SCAMMER! Please check with us first via the "contact us" page on this website, and we will verify whether the person offering the tickets in fact has them to sell. 

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